Bethany Krowsoski

Bethany is a graduate from Mercyhurst University who, after finishing her education, decided to remain in the area as a local artist and educator. She primarily works in acrylic. Her paintings are often within the realm of photo-realism. Her attention to detail gives her subjects, most notably her nishikigoi fish, an almost tangible, life-like quality.

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SOLD, Acrylic, 18x20"

Water Spirits

Water Spirits, Acrylic, 36x48"

A Formal Affair

A Formal Affair, Acrylic, 12x14

Starburst Orchid

Starburst Orchid, Acrylic, 6x6"

Miniature Magenta

Miniature Magenta, Acrylic, 6x6"


SOLD, Acrylic, 30x36"

Golden Mirage

Golden Mirage, Acrylic, 28x30"

Shadowed Remnants

Shadowed Remnants, Acrylic, 24x30"


SOLD, Acrylic, 18x20"