Rick Rumball

Richard currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Originally from the Erie area, he has always had strong roots within the region and an interest in painting. His unique style and use of the masters' color pigments create eye-catching pieces. He has earned numerous awards for pastoral, wildlife, and landscapes, and been recognized by the national portrait society for his often life size renderings.

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Tired Buggy

Tired Buggy, oil, 9x13


Sheep, oil

Mystery Maiden

Mystery Maiden, oil

Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers, oil

Valley Ducks

Valley Ducks, oil, 8x16

The Stalkers

The Stalkers, oil, 24x40

Chrissy's Roses

Chrissy's Roses, oil


Hawk, oil


Abi, oil, 24x36

Old Fashioned Farming

Old Fashioned Farming, oil, 12x16

The Bird and the Bear

The Bird and the Bear, oil, 32x48

Captain Bob's Dream Job

Captain Bob's Dream Job, oil, 24x16