Past Exhibits

Sensing the Unseen

Featuring the work of New York artist, G.C. Myers, this show focuses on seeing the unseen tangibles in life, such as hope and wonder. Myers vibrantly layered landscapes are frequently characterized by his introspective thoughts. For him, art is often a juxtaposition between the tangible and philosophical.

This is a highly anticipated event, so if you are interested in viewing and/or purchasing paintings prior to the December 1st opening, please feel free to stop into the Gallery November 30th to preview the works in person. The artist will be in attendance for the opening reception.

Sensing the Unseen, Acrylic on canvas, 18"x 24"

Recent Paintings of Lee Steadman, Large and Small

Presenting recent painting by watercolor artist Lee Steadman. Lee often uses elements of nature in the creation of landscapes, infusing them with an organic feel. The season's transitions frequently provide inspiration for his work. Artist will be present for a meet and greet during the opening reception.

Pumpkin Pie by Lee Steadman, 26x14"

Myth Makers and Dreamers

We are pleased to be presenting a new show by the artist, Mindy Duncan. The pieces in this particular exhibit are part of Duncan’s white wedding series and are themed to illustrate how it is that we conceptualize the idyllic romance. From the fairytale fantasy that is ingrained within our mind as children to the suppressed madness of the Stepford Wife, she uses a variety of media to create a surrealistic world which is both thought provoking and relevant to the viewer. Artist will be in attendance during opening night, and the show will run through June 22nd.

Natural Nester by Mindy Duncan, mixed media